Let's get started. Dive right in. Make some moves.

For starters, this discovery session is a gift. A gift from me to you.

I'm gifting you 30-minutes of my time to explore why the hell you're doing nothing, so you can start doing something.

It's about you finally starting to give yourself permission. Permission to...


  • Discover what it would be like to love yourself enough to be yourself
  • Move towards a fulfilling relationship rather than one that is filled with shame
  • Design your life, your way rather than living someone else's dream for you
  • Explore your sexuality instead of feeling guilty about your curiousity
  • Uncover how to move forward into your truth, rather than hiding in the closet

Here's the deal. There's no strings attached, to this Discovery Session - or permission to explore session - as I like to call it.

I mean it. No obligation beyond our little chat. Scouts honor even though I was never a Scout.




Your Discovery Session includes...

  • Virtual meet, greet (phone or video conference), to get to know each other
  • Laser-focused exploration as to why you're "doing nothing" instead of "doing something" about your feelings
  • Introduce you to my 3 E's approach for coming into your truth
  • Wrap up with three kick ass steps you can DO NOW, to give yourself permission to "do something"
  • Overview of next steps to take BOLD ACTION