Coaching: Coming Out Laser Sessions


So many questions, you don’t know where to turn!


Sound about right? Of course it does. After all, no one taught you how to Come Out Of The Closet…right?
No one gave you the magic gay potion to make it easy to be you.
And, for crying out loud, as much as you think you’ve thought of everything, you haven’t!

No imagine having insightful, focused, actionable conversations that led you to greater clarity, peace of mind, and gave you solid direction to come out your way!

Whether you’re just exploring your sexual orientation, know your gay but not quite ready to make the big leap, or maybe you’re standing at the threshold ready to walk through the closet doors. each of these powerful 1-on-1 Laser-focused, Coaching Sessions is designed to meet your specific needs and desires. Each session focuses on a specific area of challenge that most people face as they navigate out of closet, and beyond.

Simple, straight-forward, exploratory, and chaos settling, for 90-minutes you have focused attention on you and your particular challenge, with the results being, you walk away with an action plan that de-stresses and provides you with more peace of mind.


9 highly-focused, 1-on-1, sessions to choose from!




Session Topic:
Loving, accepting, and embracing yourself

It’s not easy looking yourself in the mirror and saying, “Hey You…yeah you…yes you’re truly gay!” Or maybe it is, but it’s still hard to believe. Let’s change those feelings and release stress, confusion, “this sucks” thoughts so that you can find a way to integrate yourself, your gay self, into the essence of who you’ve always been.

During this session we work through doubts, questions, fears and your own homophobias (yes we all have them), so that you walk away empowered to be you, with confidence and self-love. Additionally, we’ll explore how to let go of the regrets of not living your truth so that you can release “What could have been” to the past. Consider this a confidence building and self-love injection for your soul, that will help you in the days ahead as you get ready to say, “Frankly My Dear I’m Gay!”

Session Topic:
How to have the difficult “I’m Gay” conversation

You know the moment is coming. What you may not know is we all come out at the exact same time…when we’re ready. Yet, how do you prepare? What are the words? How do you deal with the conflicting feelings? How do you explain why you waited so long? Where, when, how, why, and who do you share with first?

If you find yourself in this abyss of swirling emotions, lost beyond any logical comprehension, it’s time to create a conversation game plan. From lovingly sharing with your spouse and kids, to being unabashedly transparent with parents, siblings, friends, and co-workers, this session is about co-creating a game plan that fits your values and beliefs and aligns with who you are at your core, to have the difficult, honest, truthful conversation. Simultaneously, you’ll be exploring the post conversation possibilities so that you’re not left feeling naked, alone, and abandoned in your truth.

It’s about finding the right path that fits for you to invite everyone, from a place of love and mutual respect, to step into your life, and see you as the same person you’ve always been with a slight new twist of truth…that you’re gay. And, if they can’t, then steps will be designed to let them go and let it flow so that you can be at peace.




Session Topic:
Religion & Sexuality…making them work together

Faith feeds the soul…so does sex and sexuality. Yet, when the two intersect, it can become a tug-o-war of beliefs, values, heart, mind, and soul. If you’re made in the likeness of the creator, then how can who you are as a gay person be wrong? Ever asked yourself that question? Sure you have! It’s one of the most frequently asked and internally debated feelings most faith loving, in the closet, wanting to come out of the closet individual’s face in their “I’m gay” journey.

How do you balance, faith and sexual orientation? What beliefs no longer serve you? Why is alignment of religion and your sexual essence important to you? How do you handle the faith brigades that insist on tearing your beliefs to shreds? These, and other questions, are deeply explored and brought into alignment for you, and you alone, so that you can be at peace with God and faith. Your personal investigation into keeping the faith is designed to support you in to the loving arms of a higher power who sees you as it’s child…it’s gay child…without shame.

Session Topic:
Stepping into gay life…your way

The closet doors have flung open. You’re scared, excited, confused, and curious. Life as you know it has now become gay life. Before you know it, you’re surrounded by well-meaning members of the LGBTQ community who either welcome you with open arms, or shun you because you’ve come to the game to late…in their judgmental opinion. Either way, all you desire is simply to be accepted for who you are. You thought this was only going to be a battle with your heterosexual counterparts and now you see it could be a chore within your own LGBTQ community.

From deciphering the “in’s and out’s” of gay culture and labels, to battling low self-esteem and building confidence, it’s time to overcome the feelings of loneliness, sadness, and rid yourself of the undercurrent of not belonging. Whether your desire is to have your own voice, stay in the closet at work, delve into your own hidden homophobia, or create a fully integrated life in both the gay and straight communities, it all comes down to finding the blend that suits you and your life. That’s what we’ll define during this chat about living your gay life, your way.



Session Topic:
Dating and mating beyond the closet door

It just got real. You’re out, ready date and mate, or at least start the exploration of hooking up, but…where do you begin? Emotions and hormones are raging. Your internal kid in the candy store, you know the one that’s been denied all these years (or not), is hungry for some same sex treats – intimately, emotionally, and sexually. Nothing is standing in the way…so why are you frozen? Because no one taught us how to play this same-sex dating and mating game.

You’re stuck between unrestrained desire and let’s keep our heads on straight…well at least straight as you can as you pursue your own gay way to dating and mating. How do you safely play in the world of same-sex, sex? What do you need to do, to avoid emotion overload when Mr. or Mrs. Right seem to be at the swipe of the finger on the latest gay dating apps? Where do you find the “one” when it seems that the pool of “one’s” only hang out at the local gay bars…if you even have a local gay bar?

From breaking patterns that prevent you from fully engaging in the right relationships, to overcoming the repeating tape of “I’ll never find a mate,” this custom designed experience is focused on stripping down, no pun intended, your own misguided perceptions in order to get to your realistic, deep desires for romance, intimacy, and love. You’ll leave with an action plan and support tools to help Cupid’s arrow find it’s mark!

Session Topic:
Coming out at midlife

Yes. You’ve lived a good portion of your life, not being honest with yourself and others. It’s time to let go of shame, guilt, and “What could have been” thinking. It’s time to embrace what can be with top notch self-care by letting go so you can let it flow. Yet, you may be asking yourself, “What does that look like? How do I do that?”

Addressing the unique nuances that tend to be part of the coming out later in life journey (however you define later in life), this session takes a below the surface look at where you are in order to explore the best ways to build a supportive network; create activities that remove loneliness, sadness, guilt, shame, and self-loathing thoughts; tackle concerns for navigating divorce; and share ideas for letting go of individuals who simply refuse to let you be you. The goal is to explore, address, and identify your major concerns and challenges as a late bloomer and to equip you with the best arsenal for stepping into your new life with pride, dignity, respect, and self-love.


Session Topic:
LGBTQ parenting…navigating the new frontier.

Parenting is a blessing and a challenge. But, you know that. Now add to the mix, being a divorced parent, who also happens to be LGBTQ, and the “Why” and “What” questions that kids of all ages love to ask, just started hitting you in rapid fire. Whether you’re addressing their questions on your own, or in the presence of the – supportive or non-supportive – co-parent, theirs a creative, honest, art to coming out to your kids and being am LGBTQ parent.

Regardless of your particular challenge(s), the goal is to help you find the most supportive means for being the parent you’ve always been and helping your kids continue to see you as that…their parent…who just happens to be LGBTQ. From learning to negotiate with the ex-spouse on many fronts, to addressing the social skills your kids may need with their peers around sexuality, this candid dive into the parental vortex will help you create an action plan that supports you, your kids, and the co-parent…even if the co-parent refuses to be nothing but unsupportive.

Session Topic:
Gay Sex…gulp…how do I do this?

These feelings have been alive and stirred up for as long as you can remember. Maybe you didn’t fully grasp what they were…or maybe, you did. Yet, you chose to deny what you felt. It wasn’t right. It was dirty. It was against yours and other beliefs. Whether you’ve had a robust sex life or you’ve played the role at a bare minimum to keep questions at bay, the truth is, your sexual energy is coming out to play and you’re not quite sure what to do with it.

Whether you’re a same-sex, sexual virgin, a closeted hook-up artist, or you’ve been dating and mating with still no luck being completely comfortable in the bedroom with your same-sex, sexual self, this exploratory session gets down to one word…SEX! From honest “I don’t have a clue how to…,” to “I’ve shooting blanks and not firing off the big O’s,” you’re in a sacred space to let it all hang out and come out. No shame, guilt, or locker room giggles. None of that is allowed as you’re invited into a sacred space to explore your sexual challenges, and get your questions answered so that you can be free to be you in your naked, sexual self.

Session Topic:
To be, or not to be “Out” at work. That is the question!

Everyone’s got an opinion. Everyone’s got a story. Everyone’s got a roof to keep over their heads, and mouth(s) to be fed. Those are the facts, and some of the most burning reasons to consider if you should be out at work or not. So, what is the answer? That’s the million-dollar question to be addressed during this session, that won’t cost you a million-dollars, as your work and career life are put under the microscope right alongside the truth of you being LGBTQ.

Focused on who you are personally and professionally, there’s a collaborative investigation into your deepest reasons for being “in” or “out” at work. It’s not up to the rest of the world, it’s up to you. Designed around your values and beliefs, the environment you work in, and your desires to be transparent your way, we co-create a standard of honesty that best supports your own professional pursuits without sacrificing your personal and emotional well-being. It’s an investment in self-development, preservation, and peace of mind where you’re invited to make the beautiful quirk of your sexuality and identity work for you!


Why I’m The Guy To Support and Guide You!

Quite simply I’ve helped a couple of hundreds people in over 50 countries navigate their journey into the truth of their sexual orientation, and helped them embrace being fully self-expressed in their gay skin. While my practice has been focused primarily on working with men who’ve been in heterosexual relationships, I’ve worked with men and women from all walks of life, sexual orientations, and gender identities  who’ve decided it was time to Make Their Quirk Work…whatever that quirk is.

Tapping into your confidence, we’ll focus on what needs to be done, how you’re going to do it, and when you want to accomplish it, so you can begin to live powerfully on purpose as a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gender fluid, gender queer, or polyamorous individual in society. I provide focused, purposeful, intentional direction that empowers you to step into your truth, embrace your freedom, and dive into living powerfully on purpose as the person you’ve always been.


Final_Cover_Adjusted_HighRes_400x600What’s included in your 1-on-1
Laser-focused coaching session for $249

  • 90-minutes, 1-on-1, phone, Skype, or Facetime session
  • Action plan, based on the topic of the session
  • 3-Step Process for getting in action towards your outcome
  • Autographed Copy of Frankly My Dear I’m Gay: A Late Bloomers Guide To Coming Out
    (1 Copy per client)
  • Discounted rate for Bold U Process and Coaching Session (Optional Offering for $99)