Even When They Think You’re Your Worst, You Can Do Good

handsI recently discovered through my google notifications that the I’m quite the subject of the Straight Spouses Network blog (or at least on some of their members minds) for a Huffington Post article I wrote entitled – Frankly My Dear Gay Men Marry Straight Women and Here’s Why. 

Yet even in the most controversial moments, when you get called out – Frankly My Dear I Am The Victim of Homophobia, there’s good that comes out of it. One of the good things was meeting Emily Reese who was on the podcast on National Coming Out Day and the day after – who gave a beautiful straight spouse perspective (check out her blog at Same Sides Support For Straight Spouses). The other good that came out of my article and the blog posts that followed on the Straight Spouses Network website was voices were heard. In fact based on the most recent blog post entitled Opening a Dialogue. – I think some of their members might actually not think I’m a complete asshole. In fact, I’m not an asshole except when I am, which means I’m human. In fact before all of this occurred I was searching for a straight spouse to feature on the podcast. So as Gabby Bernstein would say – “The Universe Has Got Your Back Baby!”

Quite honestly, all I care about is creating happy, healed, solid families and relationships beyond the closet doors. That’s who I am and that’s what I advocate. Am I perfect at it all the time…HELL NO, but I’m constantly trying. If you’re not trying you’re not flying above and beyond the chaos, whatever the chaos is that resides behind the closet doors.

I just felt it fair to share all the articles and blogs, because someone out there, listening to my podcast, finding this website, or hearing about me or the Straight Spouses Network needs help, and help is what we’re all about – yes we –  Straight Spouses Network and myself. As one political campaign so eloquently says – STRONGER TOGETHER. Can we do that? Be STRONGER TOGETHER?

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