Our Mission

Through the art of storytelling, advice, and love for humanity, The Coming Out Lounge encourages individuals to un-closet themselves and to step out, step up, and step into living their powerful truth. We believe in a world where everyone has an inalienable right to express themselves and be themselves without guilt, shame, and judgement. Our goal is to create a safe haven where individuals can be committed to being who they are meant to be in the world - fully expressed human beings without shame.

The Podcast Is For Those Who Find Themselves...

  • Feeling trapped and suffocated, living their lives by other people's standards
  • Overwhelmed by those who tell them they can't be, shouldn't do, and aren't  good enough
  • Struggling with their sexual or gender identity and need a safe haven to find answers without getting outed
  • Stressed by the conflict of “I’m LGBTQ but married to a heterosexual”
  • Trying to balance their “out life” now that their out of the closet - whatever that closet may be
  • Searching for answers to “I’m LGBTQ now what?”

In essence, we're all closeted about something, so let's come out about it already and live a kick ass life!

 Show Format

The Coming Out Lounge is a 30-45 minute, interview and solo-commentary style podcast that takes a light-hearted, yet serious approach to what it means to hide out in the closets of our lives and how to finally kick down those closet doors, once and for all live our most powerful truths. The podcast has been downloaded in over 50 countries to date, and has an average listenership of 3000 - 5000 per month, and growing. The podcast launched November of 2014.


 Each week The Coming Out Lounge...

  • Serves up tools, tips, and advice for powerfully navigating your way, “out of the closets of your life” regardless of your sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Guides listeners to step out of guilt and shame, and into a life filled with confidence, self-love, and self-acceptance
  • Creates a safe space for being curious, courageous, confident, and committed to living your life on your terms
  • Shines a special focus on how to live authentically as an LGBTQ individual in a straight world without apology
  • Encourages self-love, self-care, empathy, and compassion for each others as humans - recognizing we are more alike than different


Our guests include, but are not limited too...









Here's a some stuff you'll want to know about the host, Coming Out Expert Rick Clemons!



Besides being a podcaster, I’m also a speaker, author, and life strategist, gay Dad and Husband. But, what I'm most proud of being is a human who constantly gets challenged to COME OUT and CONFIDENTLY be my unique BOLD self each and every day.

But enough of this “Who is Rick?” stuff, lets get to the stuff that will make you glad you decided to listen to The Coming Out Lounge podcast. You know the stuff that will help you decide if you and I are compatible. Not in that dating, mating sort of way, but in that, is there a connection sort of way. A connection where I help you build confidence to own your BOLDNESS, and bust out of your life closets to be your LGBTQ self. That’s what I like to do. And here’s why I can help you do that.

I’m a guy who found my way out of the closet. After a lot of struggle and pain. Yet, I did it. I came out, my life got better, and suddenly before I knew it I was coming out of a boatload more closets. Closets I seriously never knew I was in – financial, physical, and spiritual. It was crazy what I started to discover. And, thank God I did.

Those discoveries helped me build two well known personal development brands –The Coming Out Coach and The Gay Man’s Life Coach. From building and failing, and thriving and crying in those businesses – both of which I still own – I’ve now found my deeper calling – mentoring people from all walks of life and sexualities on how to bust out of their closets, build kick ass confidence, and own their unique space on the planet.

My alter ego, Lemon-Odd Pop (she’s such a diva) calls me the curator of uniqueness. It does fit. You see, I help people and organizations explore, own, thrive on being unique because it keeps things interesting and inspires our finest display of who we are as humans. Heck, I even keep it all fresh by continuing to explore my own uniqueness on this podcast, by writing articles for Huffington Post and Your Tango, and speaking at colleges, universities, and personal development conferences like Camp Good Life Project and We Are Bravehearts.

Not to long ago my uniqueness as a Coming Out Authority landed me a featured expert appearance on the new Ricki Lake Show, but don’t go looking for it. Unfortunately the new Ricki Lake Show wasn’t unique enough to hold it’s own in the world. But that’s what happens and why you always need to be working on your uniqueness and confidence, because you never know when “one day you’re in, the next day you’re out!”  Speaking of being out, my first book, Frankly My Dear I’m Gay is out and you can purchase right from this website.

I am truly, and that’s not lip service, passionate about helping people playfully and strategically dig into their uniqueness. I really want to help you dig helping them pull out of hiding what’s begging to be brought to life and more purposefully integrated into all aspects of their lives and work. Granted, I do things differently for clients and audiences by creating a safe and stimulating place to give their confidence and uniqueness a try, outside the confines of the closets where they’ve been hiding their individuality.


Now for some other fun stuff. A little more personal!


I really hate these About pages. But, if you don’t get to know me, or at least get a glimpse of me virtually, you may not want to work with me or have me speak at your event. And after you read this section, you may be afraid to have me speak at your event. However, there’s a fun side to me that you’ll miss if you only read the top section of this page.

I’m an irreverent (not always), witty, in your face teddy bear. I’m 6’4 and on any given day I carry about 2.5 super models on my frame. Do the math, I’m not going to tell you how much I weigh because it shouldn’t matter. I’m also a deeply caring, trusting, loving human being to those who are also deeply caring, trusting, and loving human beings too.

I hold two Guinness World Records that I know of, and believe that 5 others are still being confirmed. But, I’m not holding my breath waiting to receive the certificates. I’ve got to much wine to drink, which keeps me busy trying to break the most consumed wine in one life time world record. Obviously, That’s one of my passions.

Other passions of mine are spinning and cycling. Both are done on bikes – one stationary the other mobile. And neither are motorcycles. I taught spin class for about 10 years until the knee blew out. At least that’s what I say. The real reason I don’t teach anymore is the novelty of being known as the singing spin instructor wore off. If I can’t perform for you then I simply must go find another audience. I’m a Leo which means I need lots of attention and the spotlight.

Speaking of attention, I caught the eye of two different people, and they both agreed to marry me – at different times of course. Obviously, one decided to divorce me because…well the innuendos are there in the top of this page bio as to why we got divorced. I now live in Southern California (keeping it secret so the stalkers can’t find me) with my husband, and the occasional grandfish that our youngest daughter has us watch when she’s traveling. Yes, I twice over procreated and have two beautiful daughters which I know for some of you will leave big dialogue bubbles over your head with huge question marks in them as to how a gay man made that happen.

All kidding aside, I do passionately enjoy helping others build their confidence and uncover their uniqueness so that they can be the shining lights on the planet they are meant to be. Just don’t overshadow my light. LOL!





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